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'''Florence Rosalind Bell-Smith''' (Married name: Rosalind Goforth) (6 May 1864 – 31 May 1942) was a Presbyterian Church in Canada|Presbyterian missionary, and author. Rosalind was born near Kensington Gardens, London, England. When she was three years old she moved with her parents to Montreal, Canada. Her father, John Bell-Smith, was an artist, and Rosalind also intended to go into art. She graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design|Toronto School of Art in May 1885, and began preparing to return to London that autumn in order to complete her art studies. Something that never happened. Instead, she married Jonathan Goforth on 25 October 1887 at Knox Presbyterian Church (Toronto)|Knox Presbyterian Church, Toronto, Canada, and together they served God in Manchuria and China. They had eleven children, five of which died as babies or very young children. Rosalind died in...
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